Welcome Home Hôtel

Hola !

“We are Paul & Pia and it makes us so happy to welcome you to our hotel !

Come into our large house located just a few minutes walk from the train station and the centre of the pretty town of Colmar.
As you cross the threshold, you’ll discover a mishmash of colours and cultures. That’s who we are !
Here, the diversity of Europe, deeply rooted in Paul’s heart, intertwines with the sunlit byways of South America, criss-crossed by Pia during her childhood.

And you are part of our family too !

Much more than just a bed for the night, we provide a cocoon of happiness in a cosmopolitan setting, a new experience to take you on a unique & unforgettable journey. ”

Paul & Pia

La Casa

Need a moment to CHILL ? Borrow a book from our library or plump for a TV dinner.

A leap a few years back in time for a game of pinball ?

Or why not just settle down somewhere for a quiet chat ?

This is not
just a hotel

Let’s take care of the planet together !

Here, we are committed to looking after the Earth and the life on it…

Here are a few habits you should adopt during your stay with us :

  • Sort and recycle waste
  • Cut down on your use of plastic
  • Choose short (i.e. local) supply chains
  • Encourage local producers
  • Consume only quality produce
    … and other positive steps you can take as a family !

Viva la vida !

“ In our place, what we really like are bright colours that warm your heart, really cosy nests and long, tasty breakfasts.

We especially enjoy those unforgettable moments over a cup of coffee, a drink or a meal shared with the entire family.

What really warms our heart, each and every day, is that your entire family feels at home, caring for our precious planet, that everyone has some good times to look back on, sharing in emotions and laughter.

Drop by to see us, add to the family photo album and don’t be a stranger ! ”

Paul & Pia


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