WHERE D’YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING ?! You’re not stepping out the door until you’ve had breakfast! ?

The early-morning aroma of fresh coffee and toast lures you into our open-plan kitchen.
Open the big fridge, slice up your bread, pour out your coffee and concoct the breakfast of your dreams
Our breakfast buffet includes fresh bread, pastries, cereals, fruit, etc.

Paul has sourced only local products for you… And invites you to give them a try.

The early-morning aroma of fresh coffee and toast draws you to our open-plan kitchen.

During the day, please feel free to help yourself to a hot drink or warm up one of the delicious little dishes devised by friends of the family.


Made just for you!
Here, you can relax on large comfortable sofas,
You can swap stories or sit and read a book undisturbed on brightly coloured pouffes,
You can even entertain yourself with arcade games and pinball machines,
Whatever you fancy, you will share evenings of riotous laughter or watching football or your favourite TV series,
and feel free to rekindle memories, share new emotions… and enjoy a memorable experience !

The rules
of happiness

We meet people and talk to them
We laugh with and listen to them
We eat and drink with them,
We respect hotel property,
We rummage in the cupboards, we cook
We clear the table, we tidy away
… and we share!

Welcome to the family !